I’m a curious person who loves tinkering with many things, whether it be new I.T technologies, taking apart my bike or home renovations for the simple fact that I enjoy understanding how things work. I am also a father of 2 kids, which means my free time is spent being a chauffeur. However, when I am not tinkering, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, working out, biking, comedy, music and playing poker.

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Arlindo Santos (416) 562-0411 sarlindo@hotmail.com www.arlindo.ca PDF version of Resume Qualifications Overview Accomplished Software Specialist, Self directed individual with over 15 years of experience with a DevOps mindset and understanding of operations and development helping to remove barriers and make improvements to the software development process through continuous deployment utilizing open source tools such as vagrant, terraform, ansible, docker and git (GitLab). Some of my projects can be found on my personal github account https://github.

Marriage made in heaven... Terraform and Ansible Part 1 of 2

My initial workings with Terraform and the Marriage made in heaven….Combining Ansible’s Templating, Vault and Orchestration with Terraform - Part 1 of 2 The Beginnings… I have been using Ansible since about 2015 and it has been my goto tool for configuration management, application deployments and orchestration for on-premise and public cloud infrastructures. I have also used Ansible for AWS infrastructure provisioning using the many existing Ansible AWS modules and although “doable”, it really is not Ansible’s strength because you have to understand all dependencies and what to create and/or destroy in procedural order, which can be a headache to say the least.